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Temperature Instrumentation


microtherma-1The MicroTherma 1 microprocessor based thermometer can measure temperature over the range of -270 to +1768°C with a 0.1°C resolution over the entire range.


MicroTherma 2The MicroTherma 2 microprocessor based thermometers measure temperature over the range of -  270 to 1768°C with a 0.1°C/°F resolution over the entire range.



MicroTherma 3The MicroTherma 3 microprocessor thermometer measures temperature over the range of -200 to 1372 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution.


precision-pt100-thermometerPrecision Thermometer & Precision Plus PT100 thermometer - High accuracy is one of the outstanding features of the Precision thermometers. There are two models available, the Precision and Precision Plus.


PTR Printing Thermometer

The PTR (Printing Temperature Recorder), printing thermometer has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective way of automatically measuring and recording temperature and time at regular intervals.


HVAC Thermometer Kit

The HVAC Thermometer Kit is designed specifically for use in the heating and ventilation industry.  The kit represents excellent value for money and is supplied in a free carrying case.


Legionnaires Thermometer Kit

Incorrect water temperature is a key risk factor for legionella growth.  The Legionnaires' Thermometer Kit can be used to monitor the temperature of both standing water and the surface of pipes and tanks that form part of the water system.


Penetration probeThermometers are only part of the system; of equal importance is the design of the temperature probes used to measure the item.  We offer an extensive range of probes to complement our range of thermometers.


PVC protective boot2000-series-wall-bracket

The MicroTherma series has a number of optional accessories.

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