Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Profile Projector A benchtop profile projector based on a vertical beam, telecentric optical system for distortion-free viewing on a 315mm diameter protractor screen. The measuring stage incorporates linear scales for fast and accurate linear measurement to 1μm/.0001", with angle measurements on screen to a resolution of 1'/0.01° of arc. Built-in readout of XYposition and angle (including zero-setting, ABS/INC mode measurement) is located near the projection screen to minimize eye movement. 

Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Profile Projector
Order Code 
Mitutoyo PJ-A3010F-100 Profile Projector 
Mitutoyo PJ-A3010F-200 Profile Projector 
Benchtop instrument for testing small and medium sized workpieces. 
Vertical, rotable crosshair lines screen. 
Easy to operate coordinate measuring stage with coarse and fine adjustment. 
Direct and clear, easy to read XY digital display at eye level ensures safe and error free measurement. 
Halogen transmitted and incident illumination are integrated into the housing. 
Provided with a protractor as a standard, switchable for sexagesimal degree or decimal reading. Resolution: 1' or 0.01'. 
XY position and curser angle display provided. 
Reduced installation area - ideal for shop-floor applications. (Dimensions) 
2 models available with different size stages. 
XY Travel Range 
Effective working area of measuring stage 
Measuring system 
XY Display 
Angle display 
Stage size 
Maximum workpiece height 
100 x 100mm 
142 x 142mm 
Integrated linear scales 
250 x 250mm 
200 x 100mm 
266 x 170mm 
Integrated linear scales 
380 x 250mm 
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