Reprorubber Kits 

Reprorubber Kits

Applications - you can take impressions of All metals Non metals Paper or cardboard items Wood, marble etc All plastics Rubber Ceramic and glass items  

Physical advantages over the hard copy replicas: Replica is easy to remove - even if they are in under cuts or grooves Cross-sectioning of replica is easily accomplished with s knife or razor It can then be checked on an optical comparator or microscope Surface finish replication is exact with excellent optical properties Reprorubber copies can be re-copied (copy from a 'female mould' yields a male-shaped replica) Replicas are permanent - will not leach or ooze out nor gas out No more 16 hour cure time as with RTV silicones More accurate than all other RTV compounds Reprorubber putty will withstand up to 600°F (or more) 

Other Uses Include: Prototypes of rubber type components such as gaskets, washers, etc Making joints where flexibility is required As a mask for high temperature plasma spray of metallic coatings Fixturing where semi-rigid structure is desired 

Quick casting - zero shrinkage 
No release agent required - will not stick to part 
Surface finish replication is exact with excellent optical properties easily checked on an optical comparator or video inspection machine 
Copies can be re-copied from original mould 
Replicas are permanent - will not leach out, ooze out, or gas out 
No more 16 hour cure time as with RTV silicones 
More accurate than all other RTV compounds 

Original Reprorubber® Thin Pour - Final Colour: LIGHT GREEN 

For Internal-shape applications where a thin pour will completely fill the cavity without voids. A complete replica casting is quickly formed. 
Manipulation time is approx 2 minutes and cure time is approximately 10 minutes 
Start to finish: approximately 12 minutes 
Kits include graduated mixing cups, wooden spatulas and instructions 

Original Reprorubber® Quick Setting Putty - Final Colour: LIGHT BLUE 

Roll two equal-sized balls of catalyst putty and base putty and simply knead them together like dough. Excellent for external shapes. Simply spread over master pushing down with fingers and wait for cure 8-10 minutes. Manipulation time is 1-2 minutes, Therefore 12 minutes start to finish. You can also cast internal shapes and cavities but some pressure should be applied such as a weighted object on top. 

New Reprorubber® Orange - Medoum Body Pre-filled Cartridges - Final Colour: ORANGE 

New Medium Body (Medium Viscosity - Medium Durometer) casting material ideal for both internal and external applications. Disposable pre-filled dual barrel 50ml cartridges can quickly dispense casting material utilising the REPRO-MIX II Gun System. 
Mix time: 15-30 seconds and cure time is 5-6 minutes 
Start to finish: 6-8 minutes 

Quick Dispense Cartridge System Kit 

Contains everything you need to easily create highly accurate, zero shrinkage replicas. Each kit includes 1 each: 
Repro-Mix II reusable dispensing gun 
6 each 50ml pre-filled Reprorubber disposable cartridges 
15 disposable mixing nozzles 
2 micro injector snap-on nozzles 
Deluxe fitted carrying case 
Product Code 
Reprorubber Thin Pour (Green) Quick Dispense Cartridge System 
Reprorubber Orange (Medium Body) Quick Dispense Cartridge System 
Reprorubber Combo Kit Quick Dispense Cartridge System Kit 
Thin Pour 130mL Mix Your Own Trial Kit 
Thin Pour 380mL Mix Your Own Kit 
220mL Trial Quick setting Putty Mix Your Own Kit 
1 3/4 Ib (520mL) Introductory Mix Your Own Kit 
7Ib (2150mL) Economy Mix Your Own Kit  
Reprorubber Thin Pour (Green) 50mL Cartridge 
Reprorubber Thin Pour (Green) 50mL Cartridges, 6 pack 
Reprorubber Orange (Medium Body) 50mL Cartridge 
Reprorubber Orange (Medium Body) 50mL Cartridges, 6 pack 
Repro-Mix II Dispensing Gun (Reusable) 
Repro-Mix II Helix Mixing Nozzles, 15 pack 
Repro-Mix II Helix Mixing Nozzles, 100 pack 
Quick Dispense Cartridge System Fitted Case (without contents) 
Micro Injector Snap-On Nozzle, Pack of 15 
Working Time 
Setting Time 
Permanent Deformation 
Dimensional Stability 
Tear Strength 
Durometer (Shore A-2) 
Temperature Stability 
Detail Reproduction 
Reprorubber Thin Pour 
2 minutes 
10-15 minutes 
less than 0.50% 
44 ponuds per sq. inch 
60% at break 
30 (at 15 minutes) 
1 week @ 23°C (72°F) 
Reprorubber Medium Body Orange 
2.5 minutes 
5-6 minutes 
less than 0.40% 
300 pounds per sq. inch 
70% at break 
40 (at 10 minutes) 
1 week @ 23°C (72°F) 
Reprorubber Quick Setting Putty 
1-2 minutes 
8-10 minutes 
less than 0.25% 
105 ponds per sq. inch 
6.3% at break 
50 (at 7 minutes) 
1 week @ 23°C (72°F) 
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