TESA-HITE 400 / 700  

The two TESA-HITE 400 and 700 height gauges are fitted with the patented, opto-electronic TESA's measuring system with incremental glass scale. Due to their robust and reliable construction, they are ideally suited for dimensional inspection on the shop floor. 
Full autonomy is ensured through battery power. Each model allows height or step dimensions, diameters, centre-to-centre distances, groove width and the like to be accurately measured. Excellent price/performance ratio. 
Wide application range, two sizes available with measuring span of 415mm/16" or 715mm/28". 
Integrated air-bearing for easy displacement across the granite plate. 
Electronics totally protected against oil and water splashing, dust particles (IP67). 
Control panel with numerical display to 0.0001/0.001/0.01mm or 0.00001/0.0001/0.001". 
Dynamic probing of the work piece with a constant measuring force. 
Easiness, high reliability when checking bores or shafts using TESA's unique device for automatic detection of the culmination point. 
Acoustic signal to acknowledge value capture, also conveniently programmable. 
Ability to measure any deviation in parallelism. 
Possible use of a digital sensor for determining perpendicularity errors with stated angle of the linear regression line. 
Patented TESA's opto-electronic system. Long-lasting stability of the glass scale for unbroken high accuracy. 
Large LC display with symbols or the measuring functions. 
Zero-setting anywhere within the measuring range. 
PRESET function for entering any given value. 
Metric/inch conversion. 
RS 232 data output. 
SCS calibration certificate provided with each height gauge. 
Order Code 
TESA-HITE 400 Height Gauge (Measuring span: 415mm/16", Application range: 0-570mm/0-22") 
TESA-HITE 700 Height Gauge (Masuring span: 715mm/28", Application range: 0-870mm/0-34" 
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