TESA MICRO-HITE 350 / 600 / 900  

Stand- alone design, made to measure any size in the form of internal, external, height, depth, step and distance dimensions of geometric part features having either a flat, parallel or cylindrical surface. Automatic capture of the culmination on bores or shafts. Dynamic probing with memory functions. 
*Picture includes Power Panel 
TESA MICRO-HITE 350/600/900
State of the art concept associated with a high quality design. 
Ideal for dimensional inspection close to the manufacturing cell. No cables to clutter up the working area. 
Fast, simple and reliable probing of the work piece or holes. 
3 main gauges available with either a 365, 615 or 920mm measuring span. 
Numerical display to 0.0005, 0.001, 0.01 and 0.1mm, or equivalent inch units. 
Extremely accurate measuring of deviations from length, straightness and perpendicularity due to the automatic correction of the bias errors through CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy). 
Coefficient of linear expansion identical to steel (11.5 x 10-6 K-1) 
Power-Panel for value processing and output with interactive display to guide the operator. 
No manual calculation. 
99 work piece oriented measurement cycles, programmable. Each cycle includes a number of 64 features with related limits of size. 
Built-in printer for result output or possible use of an external printer unit to get a hard copy in A4 format. 
RS 232 data output. 
Every height gauge comes with a ACS calibration certificate. 
Order Code 
TESA MICRO-HITE 350 Height Gauge Set (Measuring span: 365mm/14", Application range: 0-520mm/0-20") 
TESA MICRO-HITE 600 Height Gauge Set (Measuring span: 615mm/24", Application range: 0-770mm/0-24") 
TESA MICRO-HITE 900 Height Gauge Set (Measuring span:920mm/36", Application range: 0-1075mm/0-42") 
TESA Power Panel for TESA MICRO-HITE 300/600/900 
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