MicroTherma 1  

Seven selectable thermocouple types K, J, T, R, N, S & E 
The MicroTherma 1 microprocessor based thermometer measures temperature over the range of -270 to 1768°C with a 0.1°C resolution over the entire range. Each MicroTherma 1 thermometer incorporates an easy to read, custom 4½-digit dual LCD display with open circuit, low battery, hold, max/min and °C/°F indication. 
The thermometer should never need re-calibrating as the built-in microprocessor enables the instrument to continuously and automatically carry out self-diagnostic re-calibration. An additional feature allows the user to adjust the reading (±2.5°C) to offset any probe errors, correcting any inaccuracies of the thermocauple probe. Each thermometer thereafter will automatically store, display the offset and adjust the instrument for the known probe error, maximising system accuracy. 
The MicroTherma 1 has the versatility of accepting any type K, J, T, R, N, S or E thermocouple probe, the prove type is simply sekected through the mode button. The unit incorporates both max and min readings with a reset function and also features an auto-power off facility that maximises the battery life, turning the instrument off automatically after 30 minutes, this function can be disabled if not required. Other selectable parameters include: display contrast and internal CJC temperature reading. 
The MicroTherma 1 is priced without a probe.  
±0.2 °C high accuracy, 0.1 °C resolution over the full range 
multi-input type K, J, T, R, N, S & E thermocouple probes 
FREE traceable certificate of calibration 
should never need re-calibrating 
MicroTherma 1 price excludes probes 
*a traceable certificate of calibration is included with each instrument 
Order code 
MicroTherma 1 
High temperature probe 
Reduced tip probe 
Protective silicone boot 
Acrylic wall bracket 
Range : -270 to 1768°C 
Resolution 0.1°C/°F 
Accuracy: ±0.2°C ±1 digit 
Battery life: 2 x 1.5 volt AAA 
Sensor type: thermocouple type K, J, T, R, N, S & E - selectable 
Display: custom LCD 
Dimensions: 35 x 73 x 141mm 
Weight: 220g 
Case material: ABS plastic 
Country of manufacture: UK 
Guarantee: two years 
Measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit 
Certification: free traceable calibration certificate 
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