Printing Temperature Recorder  

Four channel interchangeable thermocouples. 
The PTR (Printing Temperature Recorder), printing thermometer has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective way of automatically measuring and recording temperature and time at regular preset intervals. The PTR can save time and money as it can log temperatures unsupervised overnight, at weekends or during a normal working day. 
The instrument is housed in a robust ABS case and incorporates an easy to use keypad. The print functions can be operated from the keypad on the PTR to provide a printed record of the temperature measurements and the real time they were taken. 
The PTR printing thermometer features an easy to read, LCD display with low battery indication displaying temperature over the range of -100 to 299.9°C with a 0.1°C resolution or 300 to 1372°C with a 1°C resolution. 
The user, via the compatible software provided with the PTR, can programme high and low alarms for each of the four input channels, each channel can also be personalised with its own label. The software also allows the user to personalise the printed ticket with a company name, address and logo. 
At the end of each day or week, an audit trail, in the form of a comma seperated (.csv) or Excel (.xls) file, can be downloaded from the PTR. Each unit is supplied with a USB lead, battery charger, two rolls of paper, protective boot and software, all supplied in a carrying case. 
Temperature range -100 to 1372°C. 
Features real date/time clock. 
Prints on demand or at user set intervals. 
Personalised hard copy print-out. 
Excludes probe - Click here for full range of probes. 
Prints on demand or at user set intervals. 
8000 readings per channel. 
Range - type K t/c 
Range - type T t/c 
Sample Rate 
Battery life 
Sensor type 
Printing Temperature Recorder 
-100 to 1372°C 
-100 to 400°C 
0.1°C to 299.9°C thereafter 1°C 
±0.4°C ±0.1% 
32000 or 4 x 8000 readings 
0.1 to 255 minutes 
Ni-MH 3.6 volt Rechargeable 
Approximately 500 prints 
K or T thermocouple 
10mm LCD 
54 x 110 x 183mm 
629 grams 
Order Code 
PTR - type K thermocouple (excludes probes) 
PTR - type T thermocouple (excludes probes) 
Additional paper roll - single 
Stainless steel wall bracket 
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