Grade 1 Vee Blocks   

Grade 1 Vee Blocks 
Inspection and setting out work. 
Production work on grinding machines, lathes, drilling machines and light milling operations. 
Specifications (all dimensions and weights are approximate) 
Design Features 
Clamping with no projections 
With no projections the blocks can be used in all positions 
Made from high grade hardened steel 
Ground to within 5 microns (0.0002 inch) for flatness, squareness, parallelism and centrality of the vees to the end faces (Blocks 1 and 2). 
All blocks accurate to BS 3731:1987 Grade 1 
Vee faces are at 90 degrees to each other parallel to the end faces, and all sides are at right angles. 
Manufactured and numbered in pairs to ensure Vee's are in alignmentt 
Order Code 
VEE 1 
VEE 2 
Size (L x W x H) 
No.1 (65mm x 41mm x 41mm) 
No.2 (90mm x 57mm x 57mm) 
Large Vee Dia. 
Small vee Dia. 
Clamps per pair 
1.6 Kg 
4.1 Kg 
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